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Players can launch raids with the goal to kill enemies, collect loot, and ultimately defeat the boss. Raids will be replayed by players due to both the formidable enemies and the need to continually advance their arsenal. Players will use the loot and gold they collect to upgrade their gear and expand buildings within their village.

The village acts as a hub for the player; a place where they can purchase and upgrade gear, expand buildings for new unlocks, and select the raid they wish to launch. Different enemy types, unique level designs and the player agency to develop their skills, equipment and village shows what the full design of the game could one day be.


Mousu (6).zip 654 MB

Install instructions

CONTROLLER ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Accidentally put an empty folder...

There are some bugs with blurryness, stand on the circle to start and get rid of it.

Download the Zip Folder and run the executable.

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